Fun Activities & Competition

Whlist in lockdown, why not try some of our fun road safety activities as well as our latest compatitions.

We have also added our NEW lockdown weekly Diary here, why not complete this and see how many days in the coming weeks you can exercise for 30minutes or more.

Have a look below at our road safety activity booklets below and try our quiz. See how well you do as the answers are provided. 


KS1 Activities

Activity Booklet KS1

Quiz Questions (powerpoint)


KS2 Activities

Activity Booklet KS2

Quiz Questions (powerpoint)



Why not try some of these ideas, send in your work as we would love to see it!

Create a poster- Design a poster around why it’s important to hold hands with your adult on your daily walks especially near roads.

Make a road safety car- See what empty boxes, bottles or other things you can find to make your own car. Why not decorate the outside of the car with important messages such as ‘Slow Down’, ‘Belt Up’ or you could draw some road signs on the sides.

Slogan- Think of a catchy slogan to help everyone to remember that they should be wearing their cycle helmets to keep safe when out cycling.



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