The A*STARS Programme

The Programme

The A*STARS Programme requires schools to register, commit to the core elements and select from a range of healthy lifestyle initiatives to enable them to develop a bespoke programme tailored to their needs.

The A*Stars Model

The 4 Pathways

The A*STARS programme offers interventions and initiatives from birth across all stages of a child’s educational life using four customised pathways.

The A*Stars Model

The Levels

Within the programme The Intermediate Pathway comprises 3 levels – Bronze, Silver and Gold. During the first year of membership schools will be assigned to the Bronze level. Levels are designed to reflect the increasing amounts of commitment from both the school and the A*STARS Team. Schools attaining higher levels are offered more support and wider access to resources, initiatives and services. All other Pathways will be offered a single tier programme.

Each year in the summer term action plans are monitored, outcomes evaluated and schools may be invited to progress to a higher level based on their success criteria.