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Bronze Level

The list of initiatives below are offered to A*STARS school at Bronze Level.

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Core Elements

  • Whole School Active Travel Survey
  • KS1 School Level Quiz
  • Reception Parent/ Carer Walk
  • Yr 2 Scooterbility
  • KS2 School Level Quiz
  • KS2 Bikeability Promotion (Funded by the DfT)
  • Yr 3 Pedestrian Training
  • Yr 4 Bikeability Fix (Funded by the DfT)
  • Yr 5/6 Bikeability Cycle Training (Funded by the DfT)
  • Yr 6 Transition to Secondary School- On The Move
  • Promotion and Publicity
  • Engagement & Publicity
  • National & Regional Campaign(s)

Healthy Lifestyles

Walking Elements

  • 5min Walk Zone
  • Let’s Walk Together Event
  • Park and Stride
  • Smarter Parking
  • Walking Bus
  • Walking Challenge (Sheriff support)
  • Walking Or Wheeling (WOW)

Wheeling Elements

  • Bikeability Learn to Ride (Funded by Dft)
  • KS1 Cycling in the Curriculum
  • KS1 Scootathlon
  • KS2 Bikeability On Show (Funded by DfT)
  • KS2 Bikeability Parents (Funded by DfT)
  • Leisure Cycle Rides
  • Yr4 Cycle Mtce- Bikeability Fix

Road Safety Elements

  • Be Bright Be Seen
  • KS2 Egg Heads
  • KS2 Speed Awareness
  • Safety in the Car- Car Seats
  • Safety in the Car- Seatbelts (The Dims)

Sheriffs Tasks