Cycling & Scooting


Getting out on a bike or scooter for just a relatively short period of time is a fantastic way to combat the stress of everyday life and enhance your psychological wellbeing including reducing anxiety, boosting your mood and improving self-esteem.

If you are out in public during lockdown you must maintain a physical distance of at least two metres from other people at all times when cycling/scooting, and avoid riding in others’ slipstream.

To keep a safe distance:

-Cycle/scoot on your own or with members of your household

-Avoid riding in the slipstream of someone who is not of your household

-Ride well away from the kerb when passing pedestrians, after checking there are no other road users behind you first

-Move near the centre of the lane to encourage others to give you more room when they pass.

To help you find out more about cycling and scooting and some great lesson plans on the benefits, why not take alook at our resources!