Whitehall Nursery & Infant

Action Plan
  • Whole School Active Travel Survey
  • KS1 School Level Quiz
  • Reception Parent/ Carer Walk
  • Yr 2 Scooterbility
  • Engagement & Publicity
  • National & Regional Campaign(s)
  • Any Other Initiative
  • Let’s Walk Together Event
  • Walking Or Wheeling (WOW)
  • Any Other Initiative
  • KS1 Cycling in the Curriculum
  • Any Other Initiative
  • Be Bright Be Seen
  • Pedestrian Education (TOGO NOGO- excluding Yr3)
  • Safety in the Car- Car Seats
  • Safety in the Car- Seatbelts (The Dims)
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Top 5 League

School Points
Park Hall J Academy 89
Barcroft Primary 80
Meadow View JMI 75
Kings Hill Primary 74
Jubilee Academy 68
Active Travel
at your school is 60%
Walking & Wheeling Final Term Winners
Year: Year 2
Class: Class 2

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