2021 Walk to School Week


Walsall pupils set to go the distance with Walk to School Week

Schools across Walsall will be invited to take part in a nationwide campaign for Walk to School Week which will be held from 17th – 21st May. The campaign encourages pupils and parents to use active and sustainable travel as an alternative to the car for their journeys to school.


Pupils from all primary schools will be asked to put their best feet forward and participate in our ‘Go the Distance’ campaign, which has the children competing in a race to try and travel actively all week. Each day, every child who travels actively (walking, scooting or cycling) will be able to place a tick on a wall chart thus helping them to reach the finish line for Friday.


By choosing active travel for the school run, this will help to reduce congestion and pollution, not the mentioned the health and financial benefits of leaving the car at home! (Families who live a long distance away can still take part by parking away from school and walking the last 5 minutes!).