2014 October Walk to School Month


The " Colour My Tree" campaign is a fantastic opportunity to encourage children and their parents / carer to walk (scoot or cycle) to school and experience the health, social and economic benefits of leaving the car at home.

We have free resources (tree trunk posters and footprint stickers) available for each class together with a promotional poster that can be put up on notice boards around the school ( this can also be found on the Campaigns page under Bronze Level Programme).

For each day that children walk, scoot or cycle to school they can add their footprint sticker to the tree to replicate leaves. There are 3 coloured leaf stickers for each week- green for the first week, yellow for the second and red for the final week of the campaign. This will help to create a lovely colourful display, that you could use to create a forest of trees in the hall!

Every child with 12 or more journeys will receive a Walk to School Month sticker, which will be sent out after the half term break

As an additional incentive we are also providing:

  • 2 goodie bags per school to be awarded to the children who walk/scoot or cycle during the month:
  • Pencils for the class who have walked, scoot or cycled the most:

For children who live too far away to walk, suggest that their parents /carer park away from the school and walk the last part of the journey.

To take part in the campaign please can you:

  • Book the resources required via the Event page under Tasks
  • Dowload the Recording Sheet here and use throughout the month to monitor progress
  • Upload the completed Recording Sheet to see who has won in your school and also upload the summary sheet as evidence in your action plan

Good luck with the challenge and we hope to see as many pupils as possible walking, cycling and scooting to school!